The original Java FITS library, developed in late 90's by Tom McGlynn, is used by almost all astronomical Java software. Most of the developers sooner or later hit bugs which are hiddend in it, and problems with it's implementation.

The one which were able to find those problems, create fork and patched sources in their own FITS library - some used original nom.tam.fits schema, but most invented more creative names. That way, every developer who was faced with problems in nom.tam.fits have to find the errors himself and fix them - as there wasn't single point where those fixes can be comulated.

By establishing that site, I hope to provide such single point.

Usefull addresses

Project page on SourceForge

Currently, there isn't any official release - but you can get library from CVS. See project pages on http://www.sf.net/projects/net-ivoa-fits